Hi everybody, it’s me! April! My journey from small-town girl to fancy-pants senior copywriter is a twisted tale of love, betrayal and the Oxford comma.


I grew up in northern Iowa and went to school at Iowa State. You may recognize me as the topmost point of the “I” when the marching band spelled out “ISU” on the football field. I had two marketing internships in college, both of which were unpaid and both of which went towards college credit. So basically, I paid ISU to work for free. And now you understand why I’m not in finance.


Interning taught me a few things:

  • Never “reply all” to an office email.
  • If you run out of things to do, make yourself useful and find something to do.
  • Don’t mistake a prestigious industry award on your boss’s desk for a coaster. My Pepsi and I learned that one the hard way.


After graduating, I got my first real big-girl job at the NPR affiliate in Las Vegas. I know what you’re thinking: World-class entertainment! Celebrity chefs! 76-degree weather in January! Why would you ever leave? Well, I missed the smell of fresh-cut grass. That’s the truth. I also missed my family and good old Midwestern charm.


So I came home to Des Moines and spent the next several years strategizing, concepting and writing copy for just about everything — from products to services, from big businesses to nonprofits, from silly to serious. I met a ton of great people, created materials I’m proud of and learned everything I could about marketing.


And all the while I was biding my time…waiting for the perfect opportunity to endear myself to the agency I’d been admiring from afar for years. Yes, it is creepy! You see, I had freelanced for Lessing-Flynn a decade ago, and ours was a love affair the Oxford comma couldn’t tear apart, no matter how necessary for reading comprehension.


Lucky for me, Lessing-Flynn needed a writer as much as I needed to write. So it all worked out pretty well.


I’m happy to be surrounded by talented writers and designers who are pushing my creative and helping me grow. I’m grateful for the support of account service and office managers who are invested in my success and the success of our business. And I’m excited to write for clients who are passionate about what they do!

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