Meet Jeff Caldwell — LF’s Content Marketing Manager

Walking into Lessing-Flynn in September 2017, was a bit like coming home. Having worked with the agency over the years as an editor at Successful Farming magazine, I immediately knew I was in the right place.


I’m relatively new to the agency world after spending about 15 years as an agricultural editor. I grew up on a farm in northwest Kansas, attended Kansas State University and became an Iowan in 2004. I moved to Des Moines to become a field editor for High Plains Publishers, later working as an editor for Successful Farming and before entering the marketing side of the business in 2015 with the Meyocks Group. I work hard to stay abreast of everything that’s important to U.S. agriculture, mostly in the row crop and livestock sectors. And, it’s been a labor of love: I grew up around crops and cattle, and I’ve always enjoyed working in the industry that shaped me during my upbringing on my family’s farm.


In my new role as a Content Marketing Manager, I will help clients become thought leaders by planning, developing and producing all types of content that expresses their expertise and service to their customers, the farmers and ranchers of the U.S. They’re the people who have shaped my life, so my passion lies in helping agricultural families achieve personal and professional success.


When I’m not working, my other passion lies in the hands of my two daughters, Livie and Addie. They are hilarious and con their dad into the most ridiculous of adventures and activities — from learning the latest Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber songs to orchestrating a campaign for 2nd grade class president. Family and friends are extremely important to me, and I’m always up for a home or garden project, guitar jam, bike ride or trip to the lake, especially when it’s accompanied by a soundtrack of classic rock!

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