Meet the Newest Flynnies — Crystal, Ian and Ma’Kayle

Our latest hires had that special something, that “Flynnie flair” if you will, and it stopped us in our tracks. Take a few minutes to meet our three newbies below and you’ll quickly see why they checked all our boxes. Think you have that special something too? Take a look at our career page!


Meet Crystal Olig

Well hey everyone, I’m Crystal and I’m excited to be able to call Des Moines home at last and return to my Midwestern roots. My career spans from a PR agency in Denver, a B2B trade media company in Phoenix, and for the last 10 years, an advertising agency in Ohio. After working remotely for the last two years in Iowa after my husband’s job brought us here, Lessing-Flynn is a breath of fresh air and energy, even if I have to wear real (read: not yoga) pants to the office now.


Somewhere along the way in my career, I discovered my inner nerd (ok, she wasn’t very hidden… don’t ask to see my 7th-grade photo), working on developing websites, apps and digital marketing programs for clients in the industrial manufacturing, technology, healthcare, education and community arenas. My expertise is in web development, analytics, SEO, marketing automation and lead generation, content and social media marketing programs, customer journey mapping, UX/UI and usability strategies for web and mobile, and emerging technologies.


My favorite part of telling stories through all the digital media at our disposal is how experiential and limitless they can be. With a click, tap or Google search, you can explore anything that ever made you curious or would help make your job easier. As the Director of the LF Digital and Media Channels, I’m excited to lead our team in helping clients share their stories in creative, highly effective and measurable ways.


The LF team will have to get used to a newbie in the mix who bleeds Husker red. I think I’ll fit in just fine though — as a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and western Nebraska native, I grew up in the Sandhills as the daughter of a farm/ranch manager and University Extension employee and have enough 4-H ribbons to my name to get a little street cred around here.


When I’m not cheering for the Huskers, I hang out with my hubby and our two little boys, attempt to pull off some DIY home renovation projects and serve as the unofficial party planner for my neighborhood. I also enjoy volunteering with local organizations that focus on growing the next generation of leadership in our community, including youth, immigrants and food insecurity issues.


Meet Ian Anderson

As a die-hard Cubs fan, I find a poetic beauty that the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series in 1907; the same year Lessing-Flynn started making marketing magic. I can’t say it’s the reason I jumped at the opportunity to join LF, but it certainly feels right.


I’m new to the agency side of the business, having served as the client in my previous roles. I’ve held marketing roles in Orlando at the house of mouse and Milwaukee in the world of all-inclusive travel. Each job was a blast, but my heart strings continued to pull me back to Des Moines where I grew up. I needed B-Bops, Tasty Tacos and Casey’s pizza back in my life — and wow, what a time to be a young professional in our buzzing city!


In my new role as a Project Manager, I am excited to help clients achieve their goals by putting strategies into motion and bringing fresh ideas to the table.


Meet Ma’Kayle Phillips

This is the true story of one intern picked to work at an advertising agency and have his life taped. Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. The Real World: Lessing-Flynn.


Meet the intern, Ma’Kayle Phillips (that’s me). I’m just a kid from the south-side of Chicago, studying advertising at Iowa State University. At first glance you might think I’m just a pretty face with a laugh that’ll warm your soul, and you know what? You’d be absolutely right. But in addition to dashing good looks — I have a passion for all things marketing communications.


My quest to obtain experience in marketing took me on adventures across the U.S., but something always kept leading me back to Iowa. Maybe it was the loving and inviting nature of the people, maybe it was my favorite gas-station pizza (Ian, knows what’s up) — either way, I came here eager to learn more about the realm of media in advertising.


In my free time, you can find me cooking new recipes in the kitchen, reading about politics, watching football, or waiting in the drive-thru at Popeyes. When Lessing-Flynn interviewed me and asked what I was most looking forward to during my time at here. My answer was simple:


I’m excited for the opportunity to work at an agency that has been able to withstand the test of time in an industry that is ever-evolving. I’m also excited to learn more about our clients and use my skills to help contribute to the team. Also, there are snacks here and I love snacks.

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