Meet the Newest Flynnies — There’s Six!

Yep, you read that right — another six fresh faces have joined the Flynnie family. We’re so excited to introduce and welcome Armando, Kara, Abbey, Josh, Taia and Lauren to Lessing-Flynn. Hear from each of our creative and talented new hires below, and you’ll see why we’re sure they will fit in perfectly.


Meet Armando Wagui – Digital Specialist, SEM


Anyone have any good Netflix/Hulu suggestions? I’m all ears. I’m Armando Wagui, Lessing-Flynn’s intern-turned-full-time-employee. I learned a lot during my time as an intern at LF, and I’m excited to keep growing in my new role as a Digital Specialist.


A little about me — I was born and raised in Honduras and I love all things soccer. In my free time I enjoy watching advertising commercials from different companies, eating Kit Kats and traveling the world. I have visited five out of the six continents, and I had the opportunity to study abroad in Greece and Australia during college. I love experiencing new cultures.


I recently graduated with degrees in marketing and entrepreneurial management at Drake University. Entrepreneurship is something I have always been interested in. While I was attending Drake I developed business plans for two different business ventures and in high school my older sister and I started a summer camp which we ran successfully for six years.


I’m constantly searching for the next big thing in terms of marketing and technology trends, and in my new role at Lessing-Flynn. I can’t wait to hone my skills in search engine optimization and search engine marketing, and immerse myself into the great culture that LF has to offer.


Meet Kara Hoegh – Graphic Designer


Who’s that girl? It’s Kara! So nice to (sort of) meet you! I’m the fur mama to the most handsome cavachon puppy, Winston Bishop Hoegh, named after a character from the tv show, “New Girl.” My love for graphic design began at Hampton-Dumont high school when my art teacher, Mrs. Haviland, taught me the basics of Photoshop and InDesign and inspired me to become an entrepreneur. While I was in high school, I created my own photography side gig taking senior portraits for students who couldn’t afford professional photos.


After high school, I attended Hawkeye Community College to pursue my love of photography. I still love photography, and I enjoy being a wedding photographer in my free time. After Hawkeye, I transferred and graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in graphic design. From there I worked at Meredith Corporation designing editorial spreads for Wood Magazine and Hy-Vee Corporate.


In my free time I love collecting vintage cameras and watching rom-coms in my pjs. I like to eat healthy (#vegetarian) and work out (Zumba and weight lifting are my go-to’s.) With that being said, who doesn’t love a good pizza or margarita, am I right? I grew up dancing at a studio for 10 years, and I love staying active which has helped me lose 50 pounds this year! Woohoo!


I can’t wait to get to know everyone here at LF and I’m so happy to be continuing my graphic design career at such a fun company.


Meet Abbey Emmons – Project Manager


Hi there! I’m Abbey, and I’m thrilled to be joining LF as a Project Manager. The LF offices are beautiful and all, but what convinced me I belong here were my conversations with the team. We talked about everything from working with amazing clients and taking smart risks, to performing result-driven work and the importance of being a lifelong learner. I felt a “click,” and I’m glad they did too!


My experience in advertising includes media buying, campaign strategy, direct marketing, paid media and social media management. I discovered that I especially love two different aspects of advertising that happen to work well together: numbers and content. I enjoy testing content to see what moves the meter, and I’m eager to start collaborating with clients and the team to find creative ways to tell stories.


Iowa has been home my entire life. I grew up in Norwalk and moved to Ames to attend Iowa State University where I graduated with an advertising degree in 2012. I currently live in Boone with my family: Jasen (partner) and Lucy (dog-child — pictures available upon request).


When I’m not working, you may find me coaching my baton twirling students or helping with a performing arts project in the community. I also love to travel, eat good food and meet good people. I’m always learning something new, but I have accepted that I will never be fluent in Mandarin. With that being said, I’m excited to get my “ag chops” at LF!


Meet Josh Comer – Video Editor


The name is Comer. Josh Comer.


I’m a recent graduate of the University of Northern Iowa who grew up in the bustling metro that is Dallas Center. My interests are broad, mostly falling under the category of “pop culture,” so I challenge you to find a geekier person within the Lessing-Flynn staff. Also, big surprise — the video guy loves movies. Over the years, I’ve accumulated a vast collection of films on DVD and BluRay, ranging from the “critically acclaimed” to “widely panned.”


I was born in 1996, so I’m sure some of you will notice a slight generational gap. Don’t worry, I’m one of the polite Millennials. My interests, however, don’t simply fall within the last 21 years of cultural history. Led Zeppelin is, objectively, the greatest band to ever hurt my eardrums, and I play a trading card game that’s older than I am.


I’m excited to learn more about our clients and to push them to think BIG. If that works, who knows maybe I’ll be editing a super bowl commercial one day? Challenge accepted.


Meet Taia Veren – Office Intern


You can find me at the dance studio, eating Hawaiian pizza, drinking iced coffee or killing the recreational bowling game. Who am I? I’m the new office intern, Taia Veren. I hail from Melbourne, Iowa, and I’m currently a public relations and interactive media student at Simpson College.


Growing up on a farm, I’d like to say I have some great intel into the agricultural client market Lessing-Flynn serves. Although this statement might be a bit of a stretch (okay a big stretch), I’m passionate about learning new things and gaining experience in the marketing communications industry.


I like to keep myself busy, so if I’m not in class I’m usually at dance team practice, working in the campus business or marketing offices, teaching tumbling and cheer classes in Norwalk or spending time with my friends and family. For my senior year, I’ll be serving as VP of Simpson’s PRSSA chapter as well as fulfilling my duties as a class senator for the Student Government Association.


I’m so excited to be a Flynnie, and I’m thrilled to be working for an agency full of positive-thinkers, innovators and experienced advertising professionals who know what it takes to run a successful business for over 100 years. I can’t wait to share my skills, learn all I can and make the most of my experience at LF!


Meet Lauren Weber – Graphic Design Intern

Just a small town girl from Orange City, Iowa! Hi, I’m Lauren, LF’s new Graphic Design Intern. I attend Northwestern College and will be a junior this fall majoring in art and graphic design. Coming from a small town to the Des Moines area has been a great transition for me with the exception of the whole traffic thing… yikes. When I’m not trying to find my way around the city, I’m enjoying Casey’s pizza, laughing at Dwight from “The Office,” designing stickers to add some decor to my laptop, or cuddling my cat, Cali (AKA my pride and joy.)


I’m super excited about my time at Lessing-Flynn (although, it’s no Dunder Mifflin amiright?), and I’m looking forward to developing my skills as a designer.


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