Meet Rachel Wallace, Lessing-Flynn’s New Golden Retriever… Err, Junior Copywriter

From the very start of my first interview at Lessing-Flynn, I could tell that this company was it. Tom and Joe asked me, “How would your friends describe you?” I responded, “Funny, weird and energetic… Kind of like a golden retriever.”

rachelsig_e49ed65c125ceKind of like a golden retriever? Who says that?

At most places, such an answer would have likely killed my chances of landing the job. But not at Lessing-Flynn. In fact, I have reason to believe it’s what set me apart from other candidates. This was a place that got me.

Before Lessing-Flynn came into my life, I worked in corporate communications at DuPont Pioneer and in social media management and food and lifestyle marketing at Meredith Corporation. So basically what I’m saying is, I love writing about anything and everything I can get my hands on. I love a challenge.

When I’m not masquerading as a responsible adult at work, I like to binge-watch Netflix, annoy my husband and two 30-lb cats, and avoid sporting events and exercise. I also live every day like it’s one day closer to Christmas. I am that person that puts the tree up on November 1.

I’m excited to put my writing and editing skills to work every day and to learn the ropes of agency life, but for now—I’m in like Flynn!