MillerCoors Economizes with One-Second Super Bowl Ad

The Super Bowl is in less than two weeks … and with it, all the buzz about Super Bowl commercials.Brands ranging from Apple’s MacIntosh to have used the Super Bowls to launch in front of the Super Bowl’s massive audience.

Because Anheuser-Busch is the exclusive beer company of the Super Bowl, Miller has taken a different approach – a one-second spot. Now, you may be asking what kind of message a company can communicate in one second. The beauty is, they already have communicated it. Miller’s positioning as the “reasonably priced” beer plays perfectly into the fact that they can only “afford” a one-second spot while their competitor is planning to spend $3 million dollars per spot.

But even better than supporting the position they’ve already established with the brand, Miller is leveraging this message through their PR and via the web at a microsite that shows all of the rejected one-second ads.

Author: Tom Flynn III