Now is the Time to Build Your Professional Digital Brand

Recently a client executive asked me, “Should my key marketing and PR professionals be engaged personally in social media?” My response was, “ABSOLUTELY!”

Regardless if your company is using social media today as a communications or PR tool, it is equally important the professionals in your organization are engaged as well, either personally or professionally.  Here are a few key reasons why:jessheld-300x250


Social media networks give you a forum to follow like-minded individuals, ask questions of peers and gather a wide range of expertise and perspective. Social media connections can be resources, advocates and an audience for you to bounce new ideas off of. Platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter are great resources to connect with new people, recruit talent for your organization and grow your personal professional brand.


Business leaders need to be learners and need to be in tune with information being shared through these platforms. Find out about events, activities, webinars and networking events that provide new opportunities for learning and meeting new people. Simply exploring and listening will provide market insights and trends within your industry. But you have to be there and be engaged to gain these insights.

Build a list of blogs to read for professional development and subscribe to them so you know when they’ve posted new content. You can also read posts outside of work by accessing your email through your smart phone or iPad. Share them directly with your peers and employees to be more proactive with their development as well.

Mentoring & Leadership:

How will your organization teach others how to appropriately use social media if we don’t understand the model and its effective use ourselves? How will we develop, enhance and grow the social media strategy of our organizations if we neglect to engage at a personal level and understand the power of these social tools?

Social media proficiency will soon become a required core competency for all professionals.  It is not just a function of the marketing department and will soon become a requirement for all professionals to understand, engage and listen to our customers. Engaging in the digital world is not a race and it’s best to build your network over time. Be patient, find mentors and start creating your digital leadership brand now.