Pinterest Analytics – Now What?

We all knew the day would come, and it finally has. Last week, Pinterest released their new analytics tool. (Finally!) While Pinterest isn’t the first to release Pinterest analytics (PinReach, Pinfluencer, Pinalyzer, Curalate and many others already have), it’s a step in the right direction for those who want to easily track a few important analytics within And, it’s free.

pinterestsanalytics-lessingflynn-300x205Pinterest’s web-based analytics tool allows website owners to track:

  • How many people have pinned from a site (and the reach of those pins).
  • How many people have been driven from Pinterest to a site. (Google Analytics can do this also.)
  • The most recent pins from a site.
  • The most re-pinned pins.
  • The most clicked on pins from a site.

Brands who have pages…it’s time to verify your website and begin tracking your Pinterest analytics. (If you aren’t already!) Then, use these analytics to update your Pinterest page and website photos/graphics. It’s not enough just to view the analytics – you must use them to enhance your marketing.


Brands who don’t have pages…Get a Pinterest page and build buzz about your brand – if it make sense with your target audience. Then, track the analytics.

With this new rollout, I can’t help but think Pinterest is getting ready to launch an advertising platform. They’ve released Pinterest for Business…a new look…and now…analytics. Seems like they might be ramping up to sell themselves and make some money! What do you think? Would you advertise on Pinterest?

Bonus: Click here to view Pinterest’s video, “Pinterest Web Analytics Walkthrough,” and learn more about the new tool!

Visit the Lessing-Flynn page on Pinterest. Let’s make these new analytics work it!