Saying Goodbye to 3106 Ingersoll

For the better part of the last half-century, some of the smartest, most talented creative thinkers passed through the doors of 3106 Ingersoll. Many were clients. Some were vendors. The vast majority of them were employees who made Lessing-Flynn’s offices their work home. Interestingly, our offices also helped incubate marketing talent that has gone on to do great things… and even spawned a handful of new ad agencies, some of which are still around today.

But three years ago, the writing was on the wall. We knew we would eventually have to change our address to find a larger space to fit our ever-changing agency. In fact, our growth plan showed us moving this year or next — so we’re right on track with our predictions.

So, where are we going?

Well, when you only move once every half-century, it better be worth it — right? We spent the better part of a year looking for a space that would fit our culture and personality, and the vision we have for the future. We’ve created all of this and more at our new location in the East Village. Our new workspace promotes collaboration with a design that gives a nod to both our history and a look ahead. And, it doesn’t hurt to have some pretty cool extras like covered parking, fitness facilities and a top-floor lounge-like escape area with a picturesque view of the state capital.

For sure, we’ll miss some of the quirky things you learn to live with when you’ve been somewhere for almost 50 years. The weird parking arrangements. The “all-hands-on-deck” scurry to clear leaf-clogged gutters to prevent minor flooding during heavy rains. And of course, the colorfully entertaining neighbors who found our front landscaping to be an excellent skate park or a great resting spot for a quick smoke. The personalities that wandered up and down Ingersoll are some of the things that make this place unique.

To be honest this change doesn’t have anything to do with a street or intersection or walls and windows. It would seem that after 110 years we might have already gotten where we want to go. But in this business, it’s never good to become complacent. Just as we did with planning the move to our new location, we’ve been working on plans take our creative thinking to the next level.

Stay tuned. And if you have nothing else to do, feel free to grab a box!

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