Sell Products and Services – Not a Facebook Page

Recently drove by a popular Des Moines business and saw a makeshift sign in the window.

Find Us on Facebook!

Ah yes, everybody has a social media presence today. And rightly so. It’s a wonderful arena in which companies and organizations can have open and honest conversations with customers and members. They “engage” as the experts say. And only if they’re actually following you can there be any worthwhile engaging done.

Hence the sign.facebook_badge-copy-300x72

But something occurred to me as I continued down the road, considering whether that sign would actually compel anyone to find this esteemed business on Facebook for reasons of engagement…are they selling products, services or a Facebook page?

Because if I’m driving down the road in search of your products or services, your signage should probably sell me on your products or services – not your social media presence. It should be your goal to lure me in the door, win me over with a positive experience, and then send me out the door so pleased that I’m naturally inclined to follow you on my own.

Indeed, the phrase “Find Us on Facebook” has pervaded American culture. An empty promise that’s seemingly plastered everywhere.

It’s in the windows of Laundromats.

It’s on the direct mailers of department stores.

It’s on the websites of insurance companies.

It’s in the commercials of car dealerships.

It’s right here on this very blog!

It’s really, if you think about it, a pretty indifferent promise to your audience…

find-us-on-facebook-admavericks-jpg-scaled500Find Us on Facebook…Follow Us on Twitter…What are you really saying? We don’t have time to talk to you NOW, so make it convenient for us by liking or following us so we can dump a bunch of impersonal messages on you later.

That’s not a genuine connection. If you’re imploring people to follow you, then haven’t you already missed the point? Furthermore, isn’t everyone on Facebook now anyway? As consumers, don’t we know that every brand, every entity, every club, every organization, every company, almost certainly has a Facebook page?

Must we be constantly reminded of this Facebook thing as if we aren’t already signing on countless times a day? Advertising your Facebook page is, in many ways, like taking out an ad for your upcoming ad…running a commercial that previews next week’s commercial.

Remember, it’s just a single tool. Your Facebook page isn’t your entire brand but only a means for enhancing it through honest dialogue with your customers. It’s not about how many people “like” or “follow” you. It’s about how many people actually like to follow you.

Honest dialogue – that’s what it’s all about. So aim to give your audience just that. They will “like” or “follow” you because they love your products or services, admire your brand and appreciate your mission. Not because you told them to.

Because if I’m ever driving down the road and see a sign that says “No, we don’t have a Facebook page, but we do have what you’re looking for,” you better believe I’m stopping. After all, as a consumer I like to buy products and services – not Facebook pages.

Oh, and if you came to this blog in search of marketing insights and enjoyed what you just read, feel free to like us on Facebook. But only do so if you feel we genuinely deserve it. Not because we told you to.