Seven Reasons to Include Infographics in Marketing Materials

In kindergarten we learned our numbers, colors, shapes, and letters through visual learning. Visual learning isn’t something that is new, but it is something that is becoming popular online and in print. Why? We are inundated with content everyday, we are busy, and we need a way to digest all of the data we take in.

Enter infographics.livestock-infographic-lessingflynn-231x300

An infographic is a graphic that presents complex data in a visually appealing and easily digestible manner. Often times infographics include text, images, icons and data. With the rise of social media marketing and content marketing, we are creating and seeing a ton of infographics in the marking world these days. And here’s why…

7 Reasons to Include Infographics in Marketing Materials

  1. Everyone is busy. Do they have time to read your annual report? Probably not. Why not create an infographic to showcase the same information?
  2. Visual learning is key. “90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.” (Source: Zabisco)
  3. Infographics attract a lot of attention and have the potential to go viral. Think of the branding opportunity you have here…. Create an awesome infographic and put your brand / logo on it. Let people share it!
  4. Help users visualize facts and statistics. Let’s face it, sometimes data can be complex. Infographics offer a mentally stimulating way to simplify the data.
  5. Position yourself as the expert. Display your knowledge on a particular subject by telling a story, comparing something, showing a tread, and more.
  6. Socially recycle your data. You already own the data, now it’s time to repurpose it. Showcase your infographic (and data) online via multiple social media platforms. Infographics can feed into your overall content strategy and they give you something to tweet, post and share with your followers!
  7. Track the data…ROI! Once you’ve created your infographic, share a snippet of the data and link back to the original infographic on your website or blog. Use Google Analytics to track the traffic flow on these pages. Now look what you’ve done….you’ve driven traffic to your website!

Below are a few infographics we’ve done for our clients lately!

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screenshot20130722at4_d88bc6e0e69cd iowanutrientreductioninfographic_1146de829979c