Social Success with Heritage Lace

How do you reach a younger customer base without alienating your current customers? Heritage Lace, a premier manufacturer and seller of textiles and high-end home décor products, approached Lessing-Flynn looking for a solution to this challenge. They wanted to broaden their message to appeal to a wider audience, while still giving prospective and current customers valuable information relevant to the home décor and textile industry.

After research and planning, we determined that the best way to do this was by leveraging social media platforms, which are both interactive and friendly to the visual-driven textile industry. By creating content rich posts and pictures, we were able to improve engagement on social media channels and drive visitors to their website.

Another key piece of our strategy was connecting with popular home décor blogs. Reaching out to influential bloggers helped drive traffic to Heritage Lace’s social media channels and website, while also promoting the Heritage Lace lifestyle. These partnerships have proven extremely successful, and have driven up to 15 percent of total traffic to each month.

Interested in reaching new audiences by growing your social media and online presence?

Here are our top five tips for online success:

  1. Share at the right time – Our fans are most active on social between 8 – 10 PM. Scheduling posts at the same time our target audience was online helped ensure they were seeing our posts, which led to better engagement and more traffic to the website. Check when your fans are online by using the Insights tab on Facebook.
  2. Engage with others – It’s all about community. The more you develop your community, the more your community grows. People will share content they love with others, expanding your business and growing additional interest in your product. Engaging with the Pinterest community has helped create buzz for Heritage Lace’s products and lifestyle brand.
  3. Communicate your uniqueness – People follow Heritage Lace pages because they are one of the few lace manufacturers in the U.S. Use what is unique and different about your business to help drive interest and potential customers.
  4. Tell a story with images – After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. The photography we use depicts a lifestyle, not just a product, which inspires ideas and drives sales.
  5. Invite influencers in – They help generate content and link to social channels. The blogs we have connected with have consistently driven customers to the website, and helped spread our lifestyle brand to even more fans.

Utilizing these tricks can help you grow your audience and reach new customers, while keeping your current fans engaged and interested.