Target Key Customers, Track ROI and Save Money with E-Mail Marketing

Guess who’s getting a year older today? This girl.

I always enjoy getting Facebook messages, tweets and birthday cards (yes, physical paper cards sent by snail mail) from friends and family. But one e-mail marketing trend I’ve noticed is that many companies are starting to send birthday offers via e-mail.  (I’ve already used my World Market and Ulta e-mail birthday offers this month and plan to cash in a few more!)

E-mail marketing is a savvy way to market to target customers without spending loads of the marketing budget.

Four tips to draw in new and existing customers with e-mail marketing:

Make it easy to subscribe to your e-newsletter. Don’t hide your e-mail subscribe form deep in your website.  Add it to the homepage or make it a pop up on the site. Promote it via social media channels and marketing materials. Famous Dave’s does a good job of this. They have paper copies of subscription forms on tables at their restaurants and utilize a pop up on the homepage of (Of course, I’ll give you my e-mail address for a deliciously free burger!)


Let customers know what to expect. Customers want to know what value you are going to give them. Will I receive exclusive coupons? Special product information? Content that’s pertinent to my life or job? Caribou Coffee does a great job of this.  They let you know up front that you’re going to get relevant news and offers based on your drink and food preferences. Bonus! They also send a birthday offer if you share your birthday. They are getting customer demographics and you are getting free beverage. Win-win.


Give a coupon or offer. Customers love to get the best deals in town. Coupons will draw in your loyal customers, give them a reason to “look around” (my famous last words when shopping with my husband), and are a great way to track your e-mail marketing ROI.  JoAnn Fabric does a nice job of this in their e-mails. They even include the offer in the subject line, which means I’m actually going to open your e-mail and check out the deal! (Amen to 32 cent shipping!)


Personalize the email. Four out of the five birthday e-mail offers I’ve received have used my name in the e-mail. (Like this example below from Ulta.) Merge tags are used to personalize e-mail offers. Any business can utilize merge tags (dynamic personalization) via e-mail service providers such as MailChimp and Emma.


With any marketing initiative, even e-mail marketing, creating a plan, strategy, and content calendar will put you light-years ahead of the competition.