The We Messed Up Post

Sometimes when you make a big mistake the best thing to do is own it and fix it the only way you know how. I’d like to say that I (and I take the full blame here) did this on purpose to get additional attention for the Lessing-Flynn Battle of the Brands. But that’s not the case. And since there is $5,000 worth of free time being donated to the winner’s selected charity, the only thing to do is to start the final four voting over.

What happened:

The voting matchup for the final round was set up incorrectly. It essentially matched the wrong two brands against each other. It should have had Simpson College vs. The Iowa State Fair and Hy-Vee vs. AE Dairy. Not as we previously set up the survey. Leave it to the awesome and talented AE Dairy intern to call us and point it out! (Thank you Mary!)

So, here’s what we are going to do:

Voting for the Final Four will be posted on Monday. This will give the four brands a chance to regroup and hopefully time to forgive us for this major oversight.

We all make mistakes, and I’m hoping our upfront approach to doing what’s fair and being honest about it matters more than the mistake itself.

Thanks for your patience.