A Vintage Ad Find at Lessing-Flynn

As we were doing a bit of Spring cleaning at Lessing-Flynn, we came across a series of vintage Lessing Advertising Company ads (we’ve had a few names in our 105 year history) that were far too good to keep to ourselves.

The ads are were created sometime in the early 1960’s and were sent out as direct mailers to prospective clients and placed in several small publications around Des Moines.lessingflynn-sharpadvertisingagencyad-300x200

With copy like – “Why is Lessing such a sharp agency? Because the people who work there are sharp, that’s why.” and “Lessing is a blessing…for advertisers who want to make their dollars work more effectively for them! (…and doesn’t everyone?)” –  we knew we had to share them.

I’m thinking we should make like PepsiCo and create a vintage throwback campaign! Which ad is your favorite? (Tip: Make sure you read all of the copy – it may be the best part.)