We’ve been an Apple shop, for 27 years…

Many of you may be surprised to know that Lessing-Flynn was the first company to start using desk top publishing in Des Moines. In fact, we were the first company to ever purchase Macintosh computers back in 1984. The process was managed by our current Vice Chairman, Joe Rosenberg. With the loss of Steve Jobs yesterday, we figured it was only fitting that Joe write this post, his first blog post ever. Here’s Joe, in his own words… (JF)originalmac-300x293

I am quite sad today with the passing of Steve Jobs. Sure, I knew it was coming. But it still hurts.
Nobody lives through pancreatic cancer.
And I am sure in the last few weeks he had very little to do with what happened at Apple.
But I feel a great sense of loss.


His vision allowed me to make my company better.


To actually enjoy using a cell phone.
Remember what a cell phone was like before iPhone? It came with a 50-100 page manual for heaven’s sake!!!
GAWD! Hideous!
Now they all look like iPhones-even if they are crap!


Anyone remember trying to learn BASIC or CP/M or – heaven forbid MS-DOS?


Until he saw the Graphical User Interface that Xerox devised and realized the possibilities, we all assumed what we were doing was “the way it is.”
Not Jobs.
He saw that and saw the future. Computers for people.


My first Apple was an Apple II+. So I have along history-not with Jobs or Woz-but with the company they built and the ideas Jobs fostered and brought to fruition.


Never knew him-gonna miss him.
We all will whether we know it or not.


My only hope is that he will continue to inspire his unique way of looking at things in the people at Apple and that they will continue to ask why – why does THAT have to work like that? It is too complex. It can be easier.


No matter what it might be.


Yes I know he has been called hard to work for-but I think his drive inspired-made people want to please him- to do better.


And they did.
And we are better for that.


Thank you Steve…for thinking different!