What’s a Video Worth?

Kinze Manufacturing is known for rolling out planters and grain carts that change the way farmers get the job done. So when they came to us last year wanting to make a splash at the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show with some of their latest innovations, we got pretty charged up.

Then we realized the magnitude of the challenge: what’s the best way to showcase planter technology without actually firing up a planter? After all, we couldn’t just pull a 4900 planter across the convention hall floor.

Instead, we turned to the animated video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many must a video be worth? Animated videos help you visualize the inner workings of heavy equipment so you can sufficiently showcase the true impact of the technology.

So we pushed Scorsese aside and took a turn in the director’s chair. Wrote some scripts, mocked up some storyboards, selected voice


and music tracks, and worked with a top-notch video production studio to bring it all to life.


The videos were a huge hit at the National Farm Machinery Show, and have been viewed more than 3,000 times on YouTube. The videos are short enough (2-3 minutes) that show attendees could stand in the booth and watch the video, and gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of these innovations than they could have received reading a brochure.


These videos help demonstrate and explain previously unheard-of technologies. They achieved their initial objective – to draw a crowd at the National Farm Machinery Show – and continue to gain attention online through Kinze’s social channels. So, what’s a video worth? We’d say it’s worth a whole lot more than one thousand words.