Who Owns Your Message?

Was forwarded a link to the Barack Obama 2012 re-election campaign website the other day.

Frightened me terribly. Really did.

Now, I don’t care what your politics are. This isn’t that kind of blog and I only discuss politics when drinking heavily with in-laws.

But admit it: Your reaction when first realizing there’s really about to be another presidential election is the same reaction you had when seeing there’s yet another Pirates of the Caribbean movie about to drop. Leaves you thinking, Oh no, didn’t we just go through this?

But never mind pirates.

What struck me about this link I received, the link to the Barack Obama 2012 re-election campaign site, is that Obama’s campaign is owning its message right out of the gate.

bwxeqqs7c0ecbfzaqzpebaexwkjtFor a minimum campaign donation of $15, supporters receive a coffee mug featuring President Obama’s birth certificate. Or, $25 will get you the t-shirt!


Again, I don’t care what your politics are. Whether your ideology lies with Limbaugh or Maher or somewhere in-between, you gotta admit it – that’s damn good work outta the Obama camp.

For this coffee mug is more than an overpriced collectible. It’s the Obama team owning its message and reshaping a discourse founded on a drastically diverse collection of opinions.

Because whether it’s a presidential campaign that will dictate the fate of an entire country or a press release that influences the next three months of your company, it’s imperative that you own your message and shape the discourse.

Otherwise somebody else will shape it for you. Just turn on the news and see for yourself.