Lessing Flynn
Owned Media

For many, many years, the lion’s share of any company’s marketing and advertising budget went toward buying media – like print ads, TV commercials and radio spots. The company controlled its content, but needed to rent space or air time from media entities in order to get that content to the public.

The model has since been adopted by the digital age, with companies now buying Facebook ads, online ads, YouTube commercials and sponsored Tweets. The company controls its content on these platforms too, but again must rent digital space in order to get it to the public.

Now more companies are realizing the inherent value of owned media. Owning the platform – websites, blogs and magazines – allows you to control both the content and where it’s placed. All without having to pay someone else to rent space.

Lessing-Flynn can help you launch, produce and distribute media assets that your company owns and controls. From building blogs and producing original content to publishing your own business magazine, we’ll help you take control of your story and tell it how you want to.

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