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Case Study: Lessing-Flynn Sponsors 2017 NOVA Awards Creative

Lessing-Flynn was the creative sponsor for the 2017 AMA NOVA Awards. All in all there were about 132 digital assets produced (four variations with each animal) and over 80+ print pieces from award certificates, to programs, to photo booth props.

4 Reasons to Consider Animation in 2017

I first realized motion graphics were becoming an important facet in graphic design during my senior year of high school. While applying to colleges, I came across a school that sent me a promo disc of their classes — “Motion

Your story is WHY.

Companies tell stories. That, in a nutshell, is what marketing is. But what stories really resonate? Truth be told, the most compelling stories are typically those that illuminate the WHY – rather than explain the WHAT or HOW. When Apple

Case Statement: Reaching a Unique Audience

BTC Capital Management – a wealth management firm owned by Bankers Trust Company – aims to reach a unique audience: high net-worth individuals, corporations and institutions.

Meet Pill Dude

Ever heard of the TakeAway program? Neither had we before we met with our friends at the Iowa Pharmacy Association. The TakeAway program is a state-funded drug disposal initiative that allows Iowans to bring their unused prescription medication back to

Who Owns Your Message?

Was forwarded a link to the Barack Obama 2012 re-election campaign website the other day. Frightened me terribly. Really did. Now, I don’t care what your politics are. This isn’t that kind of blog and I only discuss politics when

Tell Me When I Need It

Telling consumers why they need your products or services is the essence of advertising. To be sure, if an ad or marketing piece doesn’t communicate any benefits, it’s almost certainly destined for failure. That’s why I’ve never purchased a single

Creative without Strategy

Do you really want this spreading your brand’s message? Here’s a new idea for all of you marketers charged with getting the attention of attendees at trade shows:  Why not attach little signs to flying insects so when you release

Foster Farms Says No to Plumping

Here’s what I like about a new ad campaign from a company called Foster Farms.  A lot of food companies have tried to position themselves as a healthier alternative vs. their larger, industrialized competitors, using claims like ‘natural’ and ‘organic.’