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Meet Kathleen — LF’s Media Intern

I am thrilled to be at LF to experience all that an ad agency has to offer. I will be graduating in December 2017, so I’m excited to continue to discover what career path I want to take.

What’s Happened to Print Media (Part Two)

Where does print fit in the 21st century? Sooner, not later, it needs to radically re-invent itself to remain relevant as a primary play in the media mix or, at the very least, as a much needed income source for

What’s Happened to Print Media (Part One)

There used to be a time when the publisher’s rate card ruled all pricing for ad placement (and when media kits were some of the most spectacular and ornate pieces of collateral in advertising.) Today, for all practical purposes, these

Final Closeout on Market Share

Here’s some interesting research: A McGraw-Hill Research study of 600 businesses found that companies that maintained or increased their marketing efforts during the 1981-82 recession averaged higher sales growth during the recession and in the following 3 years. By 1985,