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How + Why You Should Create a Keyword Strategy

If you do any kind of work on a website, you’ve probably heard of search engine optimization aka SEO. An SEO strategy is important to ensure new and returning visitors find your site. While there’s a lot that goes into optimizing

The Anatomy of a Search Engine

With all the talk regarding Google’s utilization of artificial intelligence to interpret never-before-seen search queries we thought: what better time to talk about the nuts and bolts of search engines? Here at Lessing-Flynn we are often asked by clients, “How do search engines work?” It is an excellent question with a very complicated answer…

Google to Favor Mobile-Friendly Websites in Search Results

Last month, Google announced on their Webmaster Central Blog that they were going make some big changes in regards to mobile-friendly search results. Starting April 21, Google will update their search algorithm and include “mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.”

Kudos to Kaplan

Kaplan University is a college located in Davenport, Iowa. They recently launched what we’d call a “game changer” campaign called “It’s Time.”