Sage Oil Vac

In 1993, Gary Sage set out to create a system for a better oil change. His idea was simple: create a machine that would eliminate oil spills on the ground or on himself. After some initial trial and error, the Sage Oil Vac system was born. Sage quickly realized that his invention would not only be cleaner for the average jobsite but environment as well. Not to mention it cut oil change times in half. Today, the ever-expanding Sage Oil Vac on-site fluid handling and maintenance products have made their way into a number of industries including oil and gas field service, heavy equipment fleet operators, generator maintenance, rental fleet companies and more.

Our Role

If there’s one thing we love at Lessing-Flynn it’s an opportunity to promote innovation. And what do innovators love? Increased sales of their products. With this goal in mind, we created Sage Insights, a quarterly B2C e-newsletter. The first send alone resulted in an equipment sale and an open rate of 25 percent (much higher than the industry average of 16 percent). We’ve also worked with Sage Oil Vac in the redesign of their website and their CONEXPO booth experience and promotion. Additional efforts have included perfecting strategies in branding, ad campaigns, media placement, product naming, additional tradeshow promotion, literature, social media, SEO and the list goes on.


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