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Watch on VR viewer

1. Assemble the VR viewer according to the directions on the box. 

2. Turn your phone media volume way up!

3. DO NOT PUSH PLAY. No peeking! Don’t forget, Santa’s watching.

4. Tap the video title (not the LF logo) located at the top of the video — this will open the Youtube app.*

5. Quick! PUSH PAUSE so the video doesn’t autoplay. That would ruin the surprise!**

6. Turn your phone horizontally and insert it into the VR viewer via the velcroed flap.

7. Through the opening in the bottom right corner of the VR viewer, press play then tap the 360 viewer icon to start the show!

8. Look all around to experience our 360° holiday card. You’ll probably want to watch it a few times…it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

* If you haven’t already downloaded the YouTube app on your phone, do it now!
** At this point, you can adjust the resolution by tapping the three dots in the top right corner, choosing Quality and selecting the best resolution for your internet speed.


Watch on desktop

1. Enter full-screen mode, and adjust resolution depending on internet speed.

2. Hit play on the video.

3. Click and hold the mouse, and drag it around to view a different angle of the video.


Watch on mobile device

1. Hit play on the video.

2. Press anywhere on the screen, and scroll to view different angles of the video.