3 Steps to Using Better Graphic Designs in Social Media

Social media content is important for your brand, but how can you captivate your audience in an effective way? Check out my three-step approach to using graphic design elements in social media to help take your posts to the next level.


1. Strategize first, design second.


Think of social media as a recipe. You need to map out the ingredients and follow the plan to achieve the premium results you want. Poor planning risks leaving your audience with a bad taste in their mouth and you with useless content. Work with your designer to establish the goals of why you are posting in the first place and provide answers to the following questions:

  • What is the main message?
  • Who is your ideal customer? What is the age and interests of your target audience?
  • What action do you want the user to take after seeing the post?




Step two: KEEP. IT. SIMPLE. SILLY. Social media graphics and images have a pretty small canvas to work with, so this space needs to be used wisely. Avoid overcrowding your graphic and keep it simple:

  • Limit your typefaces to two fonts (one for the header and one for the body copy).
  • Incorporate contrast. Consider using a balance of light and dark colors, large and small fonts to create hierarchy in the graphic.
  • Utilize white space to bring your eye towards the main message.


3. Follow up and optimize


Social media is all about trial and error. After your post goes live, it’s important to monitor its progress to make sure it performs the way you intended. We call this the postmortem report. It might sound a little morbid but it’s incredibly helpful. Designers love to learn from mistakes and successes, that way they can tweak their strategy for upcoming posts.


The Grand Design

Tweaking the strategy for your brand’s social media designs can have a huge impact on your post engagement! Try a few of these tips and view some of our most recent client examples below for a little added inspiration.









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