Advertising on Twitter is not dead, you’re just doing it wrong


Are you meeting customers where they have conversations? Where they go to unwind? Where they go to educate themselves? In this day and age, the elusive location that will harbor most of your customer service inquiries is the many platforms of social media.

Just like kids’ cereal commercials circa the 1990s, social media is an important part of a nutritious breakfast media mix. And yes, that includes advertising on Twitter. The platform has recently experienced a resurgence in relevancy. Paired with Instagram, it’s where the youths and millennials typically hang out online. Looking at Americans who are 18-29, according to Pew Research Center: 40% of them use Twitter, and 64% use Instagram.

If those folks aren’t your target audience, it can be hard to justify spending time on them, but you need to.


It’s really easy to focus just on Facebook. But trust us when we tell you Facebook is saturated with brands vying for easy attention. Users now are so bombarded by ads and sales-oriented messages. It’s tough to cut through the noise, even when throwing cash at the algorithm with boosted posts. So why waste your budget when there are genuine conversations happening elsewhere?

Regardless of the industry, no matter the product you’re trying to sell, there’s a constituency of dedicated tweeters who follow along.


This isn’t the most revolutionary thing you’ll read this week. But its value alone bears repeating. Investing time and money on social media means meeting your customers where they have conversations, where they go to unwind and where they go to educate themselves about the things they need to know to do their jobs. Here are a few things we do to increase impact:

    • More than double the amount of tweets sent
    • Follow key media figures in the industry
    • Engage with relevant posts and brand-adjacent hashtags

These tactics won’t bring in an immediate avalanche of new website traffic. But we’ve seen a huge shift in enthusiasm among fans, prospective customers, and in a few cases, people who own products from competing brands.


If you’re ready to get your feet wet with advertising on Twitter, check out the following three tips to see where to start.

  • Think short and sweet.

You’re not writing a novel, not even a blog post — if your tweet isn’t shower-thought length, it might be too long. 240 characters is the maximum, but after years of 140 being the norm, it’s going to be critical to get your message passed along quick.

  • Get visual.

Things that move catch our eyes, go figure! But seriously, videos and GIFs are common and well engaged with content that can boost your message on Twitter. Equip that with some short, killer copy, and you’ve got yourself a tweet worth tweeting.

  • Try something new.

Fleets, voice tweets, threads, Spaces…there are a lot of new features that Twitter is trying out. Try them out yourself!


The key takeaway: Don’t give up on your brand’s Twitter marketing efforts, and if you’re going to have a presence, have one. Twitter is great for building relationships and finding brand testimonials. Be active and engaged and use this platform for the things it’s good for — publish breaking news updates about your products and services, respond to customer service inquires or complaints, connect with potential brand advocates and social media influencers who can promote your business. As long as people are still tweeting, you should be tweeting back. If you’re looking for assistance in taking the next step with your Twitter strategy, contact our social media experts!


Originally published May 23, 2019

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