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Why Keywords are Still Essential for SEO

Do keywords still matter in SEO? It’s a question heavily debated for the last few years within the SEO and digital marketing industry. While some argue the keyword is dead and we should focus on providing only great content, others say there still value in focusing on interspersing keywords throughout your content. Here at Lessing-Flynn, we believe both sides are correct.

How + Why You Should Create a Keyword Strategy

If you do any kind of work on a website, you’ve probably heard of search engine optimization aka SEO. An SEO strategy is important to ensure new and returning visitors find your site. While there’s a lot that goes into optimizing

The Anatomy of a Search Engine

With all the talk regarding Google’s utilization of artificial intelligence to interpret never-before-seen search queries we thought: what better time to talk about the nuts and bolts of search engines? Here at Lessing-Flynn we are often asked by clients, “How do search engines work?” It is an excellent question with a very complicated answer…