COVID-19 in the age of TikTok, data protection agency & more

As the digital world spins faster and faster, LF is here to keep you up to date. Here’s what you might have missed in the last month that may impact your business.

FBI, CIA and now DPA (Data Protection Agency)?

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has proposed a data protection agency that would be tasked with enforcing data privacy for U.S. citizens. With Europe’s GDPR fully rolled-out and starting to make an impact, a move like this from the U.S. would have far-reaching consequences for marketing teams. Plus, Sen. Gillibrand introduced her proposal in the most digital way possible – with a post on popular blogging platform

>>> Find out how it could impact your marketing efforts from Forbes.

YouTube creators may start selling ads directly

As YouTube explores how to best serve its creator community, it looks like they may be expanding creators’ roles in the profit cycle. Rumors are circulating that YouTube will allow creators to sell ad space to their endorsers and current partners. This would give creators and brands more control over their ad adjacency, but will open up a can of worms about how and when to disclose these partnerships.

>>> Get the scoop from TubeFilter.

A follow-up on the death of the third-party cookie

We shared a few months ago that Google is planning to phase out third-party cookies over the next two years, which will have a major impact on current advertising methods. This has thrown the digital advertising world for a spin, but HubSpot breaks down what it really means and what you should do next.

>>> Understand the details from Hubspot.

Teens are learning about Coronavirus on TikTok

The World Health Organization is heading where the youth are and have launched a TikTok account to combat Coronavirus misinformation. With a platform with a feed as highly personalized as TikTok, it will interesting to watch how the WHO creates content that could spread to the masses.

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Jif v gif – the debate is finally settled

In a fun brand partnership, Jif peanut butter and collaborated on a limited time jar of peanut butter with the hard-g pronunciation of “gif” printed on the label. As our generation’s potato, potahto debate, this was a great timely way to engage fans and spark social conversation.

>>> Which side are you on? See what the New York Post thinks.


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