E-newsletters are not dead, Twitter’s updated privacy policy and more

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Pizza Hut’s Advertising Advice during a Recession

Given the current landscape, one may think the first thing a company should do is pull back on advertising budgets to save some cash. While many companies are doing this (such as Coca-Cola and John Lewis), Pizza Hut is doing just the opposite. In a time where more and more people are logging online, Pizza Hut UK Chief Marketing Officer Beverley D’Cruz, states, “These are not times to pull back—we should be investing.” Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of delivery and takeaway food. Thus, there has been a “shift in strategy” with ad campaigns to reassure their customers. Perhaps your marketing team has already done this as well.

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Facebook’s Experimental App

It’s safe to say that couples are being challenged by COVID-19. Some are spending more time together than they ever have before and some are separated. It’s no coincidence that Facebook decided to quietly release a new app during this time: Tuned. The Tuned app is perfect for couples who aren’t able to be with each other during the quarantine. Tuned provides a new form of messaging along with the ability to send stickers, share songs and tune in to each other’s mood. This continues the trend of dark social that is hyper-private and not visible to the public/brands, which means that marketers will need to get more creative with how we engage and connect with our customers as new platforms continue to emerge.

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Increase E-mail Engagement During COVID-19

E-newsletters are not dead! In recent weeks, e-newsletter engagement has seen a 5% increase in opens across industries as more individuals are working from home. Many marketers assumed people would be tired of consuming content after the overload of constant COVID-19 news and coverage, but that’s not the case. Individuals are engaged in other kinds of content to take their minds off pandemic-related news. As marketers, we should also be focusing on who exactly is clicking on our ads, so we can engage with these individuals as “subscribers” once the pandemic is over.

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Twitter Sharing Data with Advertisers

Have you noticed more ads while scrolling through Twitter recently? As of April 2020, Twitter has officially removed its privacy feature for mobile app advertising. This feature allows users to stop sharing information with advertisers, such as ads you interacted with, and the tracking identifier on your phone. Twitter is trying to prove that people are actually watching and interacting with the ads that are being paid for. This allows Twitter to “continue operating as a free service.” For marketers, this means better insights to people who actually engage with your content — so you can create more that they like!

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