Hijinks, Snacks and Weirdness — The Millennial Age of Office Culture

There’s no denying it, the workplace is changing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020, nearly 50 percent of the U.S. workforce will consist of millennials, and their idea of a great place to work is a lot different than the generations before them. Heck, some of us are still celebrating that there’s no more smoking in the office, what more could these millennials want?! The answer is a lot more.

Office Culture Explained + Why You Should Care

Office culture can be defined as the characteristics of a business. How the company looks or the dress code are important factors, but business goals, values and communication styles can better define the overall cultural feel of your workplace.

But, why should you care? Well, it’s simple really — if your culture stinks no one will like you, you’ll have no friends and you’ll be forever alone. Just kidding… sort of. If you really need motivation to improve your current office culture here are a few reasons:

1. You’ll attract better talent. Traditional benefits packages like health insurance, a 401k and vacation time aren’t enough to attract the best and brightest anymore. According to Gallup, millennials are changing the way the workforce views perks and it’s time to think outside the box to attract quality job applicants to your company. They want things like a collaborative work environment, learning opportunities and flexible work schedules, and for reasons 2 and 3 on this list you should be inclined to listen.

2. You can boost productivity. There are numerous research studies that prove happy workers are more productive (seriously, Google it), but one study by the economists at the University of Warwick found that happiness led to a 12 percent spike in productivity, while unhappy workers proved 10 percent less productive.

3. Your employees will stay longer. According to another study by Gallup, employees who are ‘engaged and thriving’ are 59 percent less likely to look for a job with a different organization in the next 12 months. Improving your culture will boost company morale, keep your top talent on board and save you the time and money of constant turnover.

A Millennial Workplace Wish List (Brought to you by LF)

At Lessing-Flynn, 65 percent of the team falls into the Millennial age bracket, so we surveyed the office to see what keeps them showing up day after day. Check out the summary below for a few ideas to improve your culture:

  • Health benefits (medical and dental).
  • Flexible work schedules, paid holidays, vacation time and PTO.
  • A collaborative work environment as opposed to competitive.
  • A more laid-back managerial approach (e.g. flat management).
  • Team lunches, happy hours and other fun events to promote a positive work-life balance and bonding among co-workers.
  • Random free snacks in the break room (this group really likes food, apparently).
  • Weird office shenanigans.
  • Free company swag.
  • Opportunities for professional and personal development.
  • Private LF gym access (<- OK, we know that’s either Joe or Chris, because no one else uses it).
  • Real-time feedback in addition to yearly performance reviews.
  • Quarterly bonus incentives.
  • Opportunities to “make a difference” through company sponsored non-profit activities.

At Lessing-Flynn, we like to think we have a pretty cool culture… want to hang out with us all day? Check out our latest job opportunities!

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