The LF Art Department Presents: The Sound of Creativity


We all listen to music (or at least most people do), but have you ever wondered how it can affect your creativity throughout the work day? If you’ve ever heard the term “the Mozart effect” you might find some value in adding music to your work-day routine.

The Mozart Effect — What?

In a nutshell, the term Mozart effect was coined by three researchers who performed an experiment which indicated that listening to Mozart increased spatial thinking (or better visualization). While this theory was debunked by many in the scientific community, additional experiments found that listening to any music genre can increase brain functions. Additionally, most scientists do not discount the fact that there may be a link between listening to music and intelligence.

0806_lf_creativeplaylist_july16_2_ab7ce5114aeafSparking Creativity

As a graphic designer, I occasionally find myself stuck in a creative rut. When this happens I turn to music to encourage a sudden stroke of genius and — more often than not — it works! So, as a firm believer in the cool-version of the Mozart effect, I encourage you to grab some earbuds to boost inspiration. As long as music makes you happy, why not use it to benefit yourself in other ways?

Find Your Mozart

Here at LF, the art department has a wide range in music tastes. To help you find your creativity “sweet spot” I’ve put together a playlist of our favorite jams in hopes that it may spark something within you as well. Enjoy.

Have a favorite song on the list? Tell us in the comments below!