TikTok metrics, Twitter warnings and Zoom alternatives

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TikTok’s confidence soars post-Q1 Global App Market Index release

In Q1 of 2020, TikTok claimed the status of “the most-downloaded app on Earth” according to App Annie’s Q1 Global App Market Index, yet many advertisers still aren’t utilizing it for their clients. Why? Many have expressed that the app is missing key metrics in reporting campaign success. This may soon change as TikTok recently announced its partnership with its first customer experience platform, Sprinklr. This partnership will help provide its advertisers with the performance metrics and targeting data they were once missing.

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Twitter steps up to reduce COVID-19 misinformation spread

New stories are posted every minute. And, while the “information age” we live in allows us to stay in the know, it can also lead to a depth of misinformation. To reduce the spread of misinformation, Twitter recently announced it will begin to add labels and warning messages to tweets that contradict or violate COVID-19 guidelines. These labels will guide users to another site for additional information, while the warnings require an additional click in order to view the tweet.

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Instagram experiments with two new features

Instagram will soon begin testing a few new features. Two of which allow users to pin comments and remove large volumes of unwanted comments from posts. Both of these features are being added to help users promote a positive environment on their page while aligning with Instagram’s anti-bullying efforts. When a user “pins” positive comments and can delete a large number of negative comments, it allows them control over comment visibility.

To learn more about Instagram’s new test features, visit Search Engine Journal.

Facebook launches additional video call features

The teleconferencing app, Zoom, has taken the world by storm in recent months as it has served as a meeting spot for work conferences and weekly happy hours alike. Facebook is now entering the space after recently launching its 50-person Messenger Rooms, which is an expanded version of the already popular Facebook Messenger video calling function. This new feature is being promoted using Facebook’s “Say hi” option. Aside from the AR filters and various choices of backgrounds, you will be able to video chat without a time limit — a setback on other competing platforms.

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