Believe it or not, 2019 is here and that “new year, new you” saying should include your company’s promotional swag for trade shows and giveaways. After all, who wants the same tired koozie and T-shirt year after year? No one.


Every year I set out to find the hottest trends in promotional items and apparel or “swag” as our Lessing-Flynn team likes to call it and this year is no different. So let’s swagger on through this list shall we?!


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Stainless steel – Remember the copper-insulated tumbler trend? It’s still going strong, but there’s more flexibility in the types of steel drinkware that is available for companies to customize. Traditional tumblers are still hot, however, stemless wine glasses or mugs are new variations to play with.


Campfire mugs – No office is complete without coffee mugs — caffeine is what we live on here at LF. And although you probably hate to admit it — the logos are rubbing off and there’s a few chips in the mugs that currently fill up the kitchen cabinets. Replace them with these granite or speckled retro-inspired ceramic campfire mugs.



Sherpa – Not only is it fun to say, but this new fabric trend is super soft and cute! If you loved fleece (back when that was cool), sherpa will be your new favorite. If your office is cold, it’s time you treat your customers or invest in some sherpa-wear for your employees to show off.


Work gloves – For our agriculture and construction clients, work gloves are always a hit. It’s one of those items that make all the difference when you spend lots of time outdoors and an absolute necessity in the wintertime. Make sure these are quality items (leather, heavy-duty cotton) — nothing is worse than a hole in the thumb when its -10 degrees.


Puffer vests/jackets – Let’s face it — it’s cold out there. Make sure your customers (or employees) are bundled up in gear that looks good and keeps you warm. This is especially great for outside sales team members or agriculture clients that spend significant amount of time outdoors. Our team loves the Cutter & Buck quilted jacket–wind and water resistant, great quality and comes in a variety of colors.




Clear bags and totes – Do you sponsor sporting, music or other large-scale events? Arenas and venues are getting stricter on the types of bags that can be brought by attendees for safety reasons. Most people don’t think about this until they arrive, so get ahead of the trend and stock up on clear bag giveaways (they also come in fanny packs!) to target last-minute walk-ins that don’t have one.


Tech taco – Hate cords? Me too. But what makes cord organization more fun than a tech taco?!


Pop sockets and cell phone rings – Cell phone accessories are a universal giveaway that almost anyone can appreciate. Pop sockets are a cost-effective solution for large tradeshows or fairs or you can upgrade to a more professional aluminum ring and stand — it all depends on your target audience and the amount you want to invest.




Swag is fun, but it’s gotta be done right. Reach out to the Lessing-Flynn team to help you hit the mark the next time you need to step up your swag game.






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