Twitter creates ‘Birdwatch,’ 2020 holiday planning and more

Twitter creates ‘Birdwatch’ to monitor misinformation

Nowadays, misleading information is all over the internet, especially on social media platforms. Twitter is tackling this down by implementing ‘Birdwatch’ to help address misleading information in tweets. At this time it is not clear whether every Twitter user will have access to flag tweets to Birdwatch or if it will be used solely by fact-checkers. As stated in the article, “We’re exploring a number of ways to address misinformation and provide more context for tweets on Twitter,” a Twitter spokesperson told TechCrunch. “Misinformation is a critical issue and we will be testing many different ways to address it,” they added. If you’re an avid Twitter user, stay alert for changes in the future.

Read TechCrunch’s article find out more details on ‘Birdwatch’.

What to expect with 2020 holiday planning

Believe it or not, the 2020 holiday season is among us. It’s clear that the holidays are going to look a little different this year, specifically in the retail world. Search Engine Journal has teamed up and put together a list of things to keep in mind as you’re going about holiday planning. One big thing to keep top of mind is that while we may be in an economic downturn, there is historical data that backs up that people will continue to spend big dollars during the holiday season. See the data for yourself!

See what other holiday insights should be kept top of mind.

Take the next step with your Yelp advertising

Are you an avid Yelp user? Do you use this as your primary source to find trendy new places to eat or grab a Friday after work happy hour special? If you answered no, you should really consider checking it out. As advertisers, the Yelp for Business UI continues to evolve to help reach those users who are looking for trendy eats. Not only can you now turn a campaign on with a click of ONE button, but you can also add goals, manage keywords and pull a potential audience size for an upcoming campaign. To top it all off, you’ll find features like an impression heat map and lead visualization.

Read more from Search Engine Land to see how you can boost business with Yelp.

Instagram makes shopping easier

Do you ever wish you could easily purchase a product after watching a video within Instagram Shopping? This wish has recently become a reality. Now with just a few clicks, you can purchase products directly through IGTV, Instagram Live and Stories. You officially don’t have to leave the app to get the products you desire. A coming attraction for the platform will be to make this also possible within Reels.

Discover how the trend of shopping through short-form video is expanding.

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