More Words of Advertising Wisdom from Paul Lessing

We’re back with another installment of Words of Advertising Wisdom from Paul Lessing — the as of yet awardless blog series that gleans modern insights from the championship-caliber work put forth by our founder more than 100 years ago in The Melting Pot.

Behold this month’s words of wisdom…



Surely we can all agree that Paul hit the nail on the flat round part here.

Advertising agencies are quite silly, really. After all, most companies and organizations employ marketing professionals who are perfectly capable of performing the jobs (most anyway) we agency types do. So why work with an advertising agency?

  1. Borrow Our Expertise – From digital strategists to graphic designers, ad agencies are comprised of talented individuals who can provide expertise in areas your in-house marketing team may be lacking.
  2. Pick Our Brains – Working with numerous clients in multiple industries means our people have seen it all. Have questions about the latest digital trends? Need a dozen interactive kiosks built for a tradeshow? Want to know how online ad retargeting works? Trust us, we’ve seen it all.
  3. Emergency Lifeline – In-house marketing teams are (always) busy. And sometimes understaffed. And almost always under-budgeted. Enter the agency. Whatever the job, whatever the deadline, whatever the budget — we can typically get it done. We truly are an extension of your team.
  4. A Fresh Perspective – You live and breathe the products and/or services your company provides. How can one think outside the box when she or he is stuck permanently in it? Aha! Call the agency. Coming up with fresh (and crazy) ideas is what we do best.
  5. Leverage Our Relationships – We stay connected with people who make magic. From media reps and print vendors, to web developers and video production teams, we connect you with the best of the best. Simply put, we know people.
  6. You Can Take All the Credit – Marketing is about getting things done and getting results. When the new campaign is a smashing success, feel free to tell your CMO or CEO it was all your idea. Seriously, we don’t mind.
  7. Better than Punching Bags – On the other hand, sometimes things don’t work out the way we all planned. A campaign underperforms or an event goes completely haywire. When heads must roll, let them be ours. After all, helping you is what we’re here for.

Be sure to tune in next month for Even More Words of Wisdom from Paul Lessing. Until then, stay wise.