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Most companies spend the bulk of their budget on travel expenses and display items. But, there are so many new cost-efficient tactics that can be employed to optimize your brand’s presence!

Case Study: America Goes Ham

What if food could make the world a better place? It can. And the food to do it is ham. Lessing-Flynn partnered with the National Pork Board to launch Hams Across America, a charitable campaign that has Americans giving and

Give Back — The Importance of Volunteering

Culture at Lessing-Flynn (LF) is very important — actually, it’s one of our top priorities. One of our core values is to employ and encourage Passionate People. When we have a strong, passionate team and it shows in the great

Case Study: The Cleanest Man on the Jobsite

In 1993, Gary Sage set out to create a system for a better oil change. His idea was simple: create a machine that would eliminate oil spills on the ground or on himself. After some initial trial and error, the

So you need PR — Now what?

When it’s done well, PR can help generate new business, new clients and help with recruitment of new employees. Not to mention, grow the public awareness of your brand.

Case Study: Secret Lives of Pig Farmers

Pig farmers are up to so much more than just makin’ bacon, but sometimes it’s hard to get them to brag about their unique talents and hobbies. While there is certainly no crime in being humble, LF and National Pork Board got together and decided enough was enough!