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Case Study: America Goes Hams

What if food could make the world a better place? It can. And the food to do it is ham. Lessing-Flynn partnered with the National Pork Board to launch Hams Across America, a charitable campaign that has Americans giving and

Make Way for Change: Facebook Updates its Algorithm

Over the past few years, Facebook has become a key component of many businesses’ marketing strategy. With over 2 billion users, Facebook makes it easy to reach key audiences at a low cost, but it’s about to become much more difficult.

What to Do When Your Fans Stop Listening

Silent film star Charlie Chaplin would have totally loved the Facebook video era — nearly 85 percent of all videos on social media are viewed without sound

12 Ways To Beef Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Recently, a client asked me to give a presentation on LinkedIn and why it’s useful for their employees. Here’s the abridged version of the presentation for your reading pleasure: Why should I use LinkedIn? Simply put, LinkedIn is the world’s

Social Success with Heritage Lace

How do you reach a younger customer base without alienating your current customers? Heritage Lace, a premier manufacturer and seller of textiles and high-end home décor products, approached Lessing-Flynn looking for a solution to this challenge. They wanted to broaden

8 Ways To Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

Five … six … seven years ago, you swore off social media as a fad that would never apply to your business-to-business company. You didn’t want to know what your friends ate for breakfast via Twitter. You didn’t want to

Pinterest Analytics – Now What?

We all knew the day would come, and it finally has. Last week, Pinterest released their new analytics tool. (Finally!) While Pinterest isn’t the first to release Pinterest analytics (PinReach, Pinfluencer, Pinalyzer, Curalate and many others already have), it’s a step in the right direction for those who want to easily track a few important analytics within Pinterest.com. And, it’s free.