How we created an immersive mixed reality experience in a pig barn

Most consumers have never set foot in a pig barn and likely never will, due to biosecurity measures in place to protect pigs. But that didn’t stop us from creating the next best thing. We worked with the Pork Checkoff to develop an immersive 360-degree mixed reality experience that helps take viewers into a typical barn. Utilizing an on-screen host and on-screen graphics within the 360-degree world, the video walked viewers through the formerly inaccessible territory. Sounds exclusive, right? On the contrary. For starters, state associations were equipped with Oculus headsets that included the videos, and the same videos can also be viewed anytime at participating tradeshows or online — accessible to all who are curious about the daily happenings inside a pig barn.




  • Strategic planning
  • Virtual reality/360 video production
  • Copywriting and editing





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