How a virtual product launch quadrupled the initial sales goal

After a majority of farm shows were impacted or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Oxbo International was left wondering how to launch their newest hay merger product while the world was shut down. Through partnership with Lessing-Flynn, Oxbo was able to host two real-time webinars โ€” a virtual product launch with dealers and prospective customers. First, LF vetted a number of online webinar platforms to find an option with robust lead generation capabilities and high quality, user-friendly streaming. Once the platform was determined, the team went to work creating video graphics package to enhance the webinar experience. When all the components were ready, LF coached Oxbo team members for their overall communication presence to ensure they appeared polished and professional on screen, providing optimal lighting enhancements and camera placement. The resulting virtual events received high attendance rates and helped quadruple the initial sales goal. Now that is how you launch a product virtually.


  • Trade show marketing
  • Interactive strategy
  • Media training
  • Video



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