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December 20, 2012

Stand By Your Brand


When I first saw this ad in Progressive Dairy Magazine, what first caught my eye was the "money shot" of cow udders. I'm not used to seeing a such a back-end display as a  feature. But hey, this company is being true to their brand. They sell bull semen, and they want you to see what their semen can do for you.

Know Your Audience

I got to thinking about the company, Genex and the sub-brand, Genesis. They have a little sperm in their logo where the "i" belongs. To some this might be offensive, whimsical, or even downright silly. But it's true to their brand. So while outside the animal ag industry, this might be considered in poor taste and vulgar, in the cattle industry, it's all about genetics, baby. To make sure their herds are genetically varied, many ranchers and dairy operations buy bull semen from suppliers that guarantee results like the udders shown in the photo. I can't think of a better way to convey those expectations and that brand promise. By the way, the title of the ad was "The Power of Genomics." Unknown

Components of the "Brand Promise"

A brand promise must be unique, believable and compelling. Assuming this ad is true, these cows clearly exemplify superior genetics. The ad helps the brand promise by not just promising, but showing results. And it's compelling in a "Wow, look at those udders" kind of way. It will be up to the dairy industry to decide whether Genesis is unique in providing these "next generation elite genetics."

Know Your Brand Promise

A "brand promise" is the deal people assume and expect when they buy your product. Clearly, Genesis is promising big beautiful veiny udders. But the implied promise is increased milk production. You can bet that farmers who buy this premium bull semen will be expecting similar results in their dairy herd. If they don't get the implied results, they will not be repeat buyers, and perhaps worse, tell their fellow dairy producers that the product did not work as advertised.

Do your advertising and public relations efforts lead your customers straight back to your brand promise? Be "udderly" awesome!

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