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December 17, 2013

Tractors and Tweets: Covering the Nebraska Power Farming Show

When tasked with helping manage the social media channels for the Nebraska Power Farming Show, I didn’t know what to expect. Farmers didn’t seem like the most social media savvy people to me, but I was wrong. As I covered the show with Lessing-Flynn Project Manager Morgan Voga, I learned that social media is an important communication tool for almost every audience.

Nebraska Power Farming Show 2013The Nebraska Power Farming Show is the second biggest in the nation, featuring tractors, equipment and other machines, plus tons of other farm-related companies and exhibitors. The show ran December 10-12 in Lincoln, Nebraska, but we started coverage on social media in October.

When we started, the Facebook page only had 70 likes, and Twitter had even fewer followers that we had gained when the Nebraska Power Farming Show launched their social channels last year. Within the two months leading up to this year’s show, we doubled our Twitter followers and gained almost 400 Facebook fans. It turns out there are a lot more farmers using social media than I thought.

Laura Plumb

It wasn’t just farmers who were interacting with us on social, either. Show exhibitors, dealers and equipment manufacturers were also using it as a way to stay informed and in touch. As the show got closer, the interaction really picked up.

Attending the show and covering it for social media was tons of fun, especially for someone who had never been to a farm show before. Even though internet service was slow in the buildings, people still wanted to talk about the show online. We posted photos of the event, and information about what to see and do during the show.

This type of on-the-ground social media coverage was exactly what the show needed, and we had the most interaction during the event itself. We even did some in-the-air coverage, riding up to the top of the building on a lift to take aerial photos of the show floor. It was these types of things, that couldn’t be accomplished from a desk away from the show, which made the social media coverage work.


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