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Meet Summer Brills, LF’s New Media Specialist

I believe the correct term is hotdish, not casserole, Diet Coke is called pop, not soda and yes, the term “UFF DA” is part of my vocabulary. Hello there! I’m Summer Brills, Lessing-Flynn’s new Media Specialist.

Making the Move to Digital Advertising

More and more B2B and B2C ag brands are becoming fearless when it comes to digital advertising even though print is still the primary medium within the industry. So, why make the switch? We’re glad you asked!

So you need PR — Now what?

When it’s done well, PR can help generate new business, new clients and help with recruitment of new employees. Not to mention, grow the public awareness of your brand.

Marketing Mythbusters: Native Advertising

The Lessing-Flynn Marketing Mythbusters are a crew of crafty marketers ready to bust a cap on the myths that are mucking up your brand. Today, we’re taking on native advertising. This term is thrown around frequently these days, but do

Meet Kathleen — LF’s Media Intern

I am thrilled to be at LF to experience all that an ad agency has to offer. I will be graduating in December 2017, so I’m excited to continue to discover what career path I want to take.

What’s Happened to Print Media (Part Two)

Where does print fit in the 21st century? Sooner, not later, it needs to radically re-invent itself to remain relevant as a primary play in the media mix or, at the very least, as a much needed income source for