Lessing Flynn
Public Relations

Reaching your desired audience doesn’t just magically HAPPEN. An effective PR program is the result of careful strategic planning and consistent effort over time. Lessing-Flynn will guide you through the ever-changing and often-intimidating media landscape, to help you engage the people you need to reach in order to be successful.

A good PR campaign will shape how you and your business are perceived in the marketplace. It begins with a solid plan that outlines your goals and objectives, the desired audience, and, most importantly, the key message.

Lessing-Flynn can create a comprehensive plan to build your brand image and tell your story in the most persuasive way possible. Public relations is about building your company’s reputation one day at a time, and consistently over time. That’s why consistency is important.

We also recognize our responsibility to serve the journalistic community as a dependable source of information and expert analysis. Our goal is to provide journalists, both traditional and new media, with compelling and appropriate stories for their audiences, trustworthy background information on topics of interest, and leading experts who can lend depth and insight to their reporting.

When done right, solid public relations serves the needs of both clients and journalists with integrity.

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