Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers

Iowa is home to a lot of farms. Like 88,637 to be exact. Watching out for each and every one of them is the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers (or CSIF if you’re into acronyms). It’s the Coalition’s mission to help Iowa farmers raise livestock responsibly and successfully, particularly by helping them navigate the maze of government regulations and enhance neighbor relations. Like a good non-profit organization, the Coalition is there.

Our role

The Coalition’s main goal has always been encouraging farmers to reach out to them for free, confidential consultation, but figuring out how to do that was tough on their old website. As the Coalition approached its 15th anniversary, it was time to give their original website a face lift and ensure that it met the changing needs of Iowa’s farmers. Lessing-Flynn worked with the Coalition to design a new, mobile-optimized website featuring simplified, user-friendly navigation, with additional resources clickable right from the homepage. The site officially launched in November 2018. In the three months post-launch, website traffic increased 263% and pages per session nearly doubled. That’s not all though — together we’ve developed ad campaigns, literature, infographics, social media graphics and much more.

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Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers1

Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers2

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