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When a guy named Paul Lessing opened the doors in 1907 (yeah, THAT 1907), he built the company around smart, creative storytelling. Since those early days, a few things have changed – like radio, TV, email, the internet, mobile phones and social media. But our simple approach of getting the right story in front of the right audience is still what we do today (it just happens a lot faster and in ways that are a lot cooler). And, if you’re interested in history, take a gander through some of Paul Lessing’s original blog writings (he printed and mailed it every month because … well, a lot of things weren’t invented yet).

View Paul Lessing’s Melting Pots:



The Melting Pot – September 1911

The Melting Pot – January 1912

The Melting Pot – February 1912

The Melting Pot – March 1912

The Melting Pot – May 1912

The Melting Pot – June 1912

The Melting Pot – July 1912

The Melting Pot – October 1912

The Melting Pot – November 1912