I first realized motion graphics were becoming an important facet in graphic design during my senior year of high school. While applying to colleges, I came across a school that sent me a promo disc of their classes — “Motion Design” came on the screen and it clicked for me, right there. This whole video was designed from start to finish. Motion design is the future. I knew I wanted to explore animation from then on and the rest, as they say, is history.

Here are four reasons to consider using animation in your company’s marketing needs this year:

Engaging. Stop people mid-scroll on their Facebook feed, webpage and more. Animations keep information moving in a format that speaks to a larger demographic using color, movement and music.

Digestible. With motion graphics, complex ideas can come to life. If you have a lot to say, and you’re worried that a printed format might leave your readers confused, an animation style video might the solution. Add visuals, on-screen text, maybe a bit of badass music or a voiceover. Boom. Done.

Flexible. The versatility of animation is unmatched. It’s great for website, mobile or tablets and designs are not limited to just videos — heck, you can make custom gifs! No, all gifs are not designed with space cats riding pizzas and shooting lasers out of their eyes, gifs can be productive too. They can be used to create wildly engaging social posts. Wait — there’s more. All those nifty illustrations you see flying around in your video can be repurposed into any number of print pieces as well.

Economical. Depending on the type of video you want to produce, animation can be incredibly cost effective. Consider the budget needed for one or two camera men, a producer/creative director, plus talent to spend a day shooting enough footage for a :30-:90 second video. Then think through the time your video team will need to spend reviewing the footage afterwards, adjusting audio and piecing it together into the final video. Plus, last-minute edits to the script and potential reshoots. Now think about that budget compared to a small team of designers, animators and copywriters needed to create an animated project where they can nimbly adjust and edit throughout the process. Animated video is very economical in comparison.

The Bottom Line. Animation holds a hotbed of potential for your brand. The possibilities are endless because you’re not limited to what’s just in front of you — you’re tapping into true creativity! Want to hear more? Contact Lessing-Flynn about creating your motion graphic project today.

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