Finding photos that match your brand aesthetic is hard. A lot of time can be spent searching for the perfect stock photo only to end up with something generic that your competitor could already be using. Why not get noticed by procuring custom styled photos for your brand? Not all royalty-free and general stock images are bad, but being unique is the name of the game. Still on the fence? We’ve got a few arguments to tip the scale:

You’re investing in your brand. Styled photographs may seem like a frivolous expense to some, but it’s a valuable investment to communicate brand quality. It’s hard for an audience or customer to take a brand seriously if the photos look like garbage. If you look the part, you’re more apt to get noticed.

Consistent, quality photos create trust. A consistent look builds trust with your customer — you should strive for instant brand recognition. Well designed marketing photos with the right styling will help tell the story of your brand. The audience will assume the product or company will have the same values the photos communicate.

With social media, you might only get one shot. Mobile engagement and social media have become the new norms for brand interaction, so standout marketing photos are now more important than ever. You need to be able to stop someone mid-scroll for a quick double-tap, like or comment. Your audience is much more likely to be engaged with good marketing photos than with text alone – especially if the images are targeted to a specific audience.

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