Brand Refresh Checklist: 3 Signs Your Brand Needs Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, which means it’s time to put away your overcoats and cardigans and break out your warm weather wardrobe. It’s also time for a little spring cleaning. Time to address that hall closet flooded with junk and the garage that no longer has room for your car. The same is true for your brand. Lessing-Flynn’s brand refresh checklist will help to clean it up, reenergize and get ready for the months ahead.

Here at Lessing-Flynn we want to make sure you look and sound good. We’re here to ensure you’re getting all the right swipes and not missing out on any sweet action from consumers. Does your company fit into any of these categories?

Lessing-Flynn Brand Refresh Checklist:

    1. Your Look is Outdated. No one wants to be the loser still wearing a cummerbund or shoulder pads at the party. A company logo, website and its subsequent social channels can (and often do) go out of style or become stale. Color choices and trends in particular tend to change frequently. In many cases, a fresh look for your brand could bring renewed vibrancy and excitement to your company. Logo updates usually have reinvigorating effects on employees as well as customers and could add a jolt of long overdue vitality to your organization.
    2. Your Vision Has Changed. If your organization’s goals, services, target market, partners or mission statement have changed, you may want to reflect that in your branding. At its core, the company branding should illustrate who you are as an organization. It’s your first introduction and the lasting impression of your company that consumers and key industry leaders remember.
    3. Your Company Has Grown. Has your company acquired new sub-brands or additional businesses to its umbrella? Brands get complicated when there are multiple logos representing different products, services or segments of their business. You don’t want to have five bumper stickers on the back of the minivan. Brand alignment can help set new standards for logo utilization, clear up brand confusion and provide an opportunity to refresh your current campaign.

LF Quick Tips

If your company fell into one of the buckets above in the brand refresh checklist, obviously our first suggestion is to contact yours truly here at Lessing-Flynn for a creative overhaul, but if you’re a do-it-yourselfer (or maybe you’re in denial about the severity of the problem) we suggest that you at minimum review your website content and social media accounts to make sure the information is correct and the “voice” is the same throughout. Here’s a checklist:

    1. Click through links to make sure they’re working correctly
    2. Check that your products, services and contact info are all up to date
    3. Review your core value content to make sure that it aligns with current company goals
    4. Update your employee biography pages • Check that the website’s copyrights or trademarks are listed as 2016
    5. Make sure all the YouTube videos are still relevant and reflective of your brand on the company channel
    6. Update social media accounts to make sure images, graphics, headers, contact/about info are all correct
    7. Delete any social channels that have not been kept active

    Hey we hear you – change is scary, but something that might pull you out of your comfort zone could pull in potential customers’ attentions and ultimately start a new conversation. Let’s start that conversation together to discover what’s working and what’s not for your biz.