Equipment Technologies (ET), the parent company of the Apache Sprayer brand, is the largest manufacturer of mechanical drive self-propelled sprayers in North America. Apache Sprayers are thousands of pounds lighter, cost tens of thousands of dollars less and deliver more power to the ground than the competition. That’s what makes Apache the best pound-for-pound sprayer on the planet.




In spring 2018, Lessing-Flynn (LF) and ET executed a three-month marketing campaign designed to reward current Apache Sprayer owners and boost mid-year sales. The promotion offered a $5,000 rebate to current owners who upgraded to a qualifying 2018 Apache Sprayer model by the end of July 2018.


LF sought to identify key messages that would resonate with different segments of ET’s customer database rather than sending one single, generic message to all Apache Sprayer owners.




LF segmented current owners from ET’s customer database  into four groups based on the model year of the sprayer they currently owned. After the segments were established, strategic and customized marketing messages were created and customized to each group.


These personalized messages used data to send messaging specific to their model type, purchase year and even sprayer updates since their purchase. For example, we identified key upgrades within 2018 Apache Sprayers, like the precision package, that would be enticing to a 2008 Apache Sprayer owner. This customized messaging was used throughout every campaign tactic including: landing pages, direct mailers, text messages and eBlasts.




During the $5,000 Loyalty Campaign duration, we were able to provide over 150 marketing leads to the ET sales team through direct mail postcard responses, online form submissions, text message responses and phone call inquiries. This does not include leads from customers who reached out directly to their Apache dealer (which many have established relationships with).


In addition, LF was able to report the campaign strategy to Apache dealers during the annual sales meeting and demonstrate the value of the data that the dealers helped provide. In partnership with Apache dealers, LF and ET will be able to continually update customer data for future campaign implementation. 




How can you apply this strategy to your marketing campaigns?


1. Utilize data strategically, but keep it updated.
Your agency is a partner that wants you to succeed. Sharing key insights into your customer data helps identify gaps or areas of opportunities that you may not see every day. Data can be a friend, but also a nightmare as it continually changes. Phone numbers become outdated, people move and individuals unsubscribe from your email list if they are no longer interested. Know that customer data is never “complete” and continually needs updating.


2.Speak to customers transparently and directly.
Specially curated messages can be applied to any product (not just sprayers!). This can make the customer journey feel more genuine and personable. It takes a lot of effort up-front to identify, create and execute different types of messages, but can show a big return.