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Where’s the beef in your video strategy?

Video Strategy  I love a good steak — thick with a good sear, a little bit of sea salt and some fresh cracked black pepper. There are few things more mouth-watering than a properly-cooked dry-aged steak. In fact I’ve yet

Case Study: E-15 is So “Super Duper”

Iowa Corn, the state association for our local corn production industry, needed a way to show the benefits of E-15. See how our “super duper” educational awareness campaign creatively exceeded expectations.

4 Reasons to Consider Animation in 2017

I first realized motion graphics were becoming an important facet in graphic design during my senior year of high school. While applying to colleges, I came across a school that sent me a promo disc of their classes — “Motion

What to Do When Your Fans Stop Listening

Silent film star Charlie Chaplin would have totally loved the Facebook video era — nearly 85 percent of all videos on social media are viewed without sound